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The OCCC has meetings during the Fall and Spring of each academic year, with the host and dates selected at the previous meeting. The host is responsible for the meeting room, food, and parking plans. Contact them to confirm your attendance and specify any special requirements for your meal. Discuss ride sharing on the email list.

Western Oregon University
Becka Morgan
Room, parking, food


The chair maintains the agenda, mediates each meeting, and works with the host to coordinate planning. The secretary records, publishes, and maintains the minutes. Officers are selected to serve two-year terms.

Robert Surton
Joseph Jess
Next selection
Spring 2019


Friday 0800 Breakfast meeting
0900 Introduction
Approve previous minutes
0915 News from the colleges
Round table discussion
Break around 1030
1200 Lunch
Lunch topic or catch up with colleagues
Group photo
1300 OCCC business
Group topics (submit agenda items to the chair)
Select next meeting time, location, and host
Select next chair and secretary (at the last meeting of their term)
David Swenson award presentation (at the discretion of the award committee)
1400 Afternoon CIS and CS breakout discussions
CS topics (submit agenda items to the chair)
Outcomes update (Robert Surton, CGCC)
CIS topics (submit agenda items to the chair)
1500 End
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