About OCCC

The Oregon Council of Computer Chairs (OCCC) is dedicated to the promotion and coordination of computing curriculum among the public community colleges and universities in Oregon.

OCCC is responsible for maintaining course numberings for CS and CIS labeled courses in the community college system as well as for maintaining the statewide CS Major Transfer Map and the ASOT-CS degree.

This new OCCC website has replaced the wiki that was the web home of OCCC. You can still reach the wiki at archive.occcwiki.org. The wiki is set to be completely retired in 2023. If there is a resource on it that is missing from the new site that you believe to be important, please contact Marc Goodman - marc.goodman@pcc.edu.





  • CS Major Transfer Map (MTM) and
    [Associate of Science Transfer degree] (AST)
    Statewide transfer framework and degree approved in 2021. Provides a pathway for transfer students to start Jr year at participating universities with a 2-year pathway to graduation in CS.

  • [ASOT - CS]
    Statewide degree developed in 2014. Provides the same guarantees as the AAOT but also includes math and CS courses likely needed to study CS. Largely made obsolete by the MTM and AST degree.

How to Get Involved

Communication and organization of meetings is done via the OCCC mailing list. So to get involved, please subscribe to the mailing list. The subscription page also has a link to an archive of past mailings you can access once you sign up.


OCCC Chair: Marc Goodman - marc.goodman@pcc.edu
OCCC Secretary: Jennifer Goudreau - goudreauj@lanecc.edu